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Enercomp's Quadcoptor is a professional multi-rotor aircraft designed for demanding,professional and industrial applications.Completely redesigned from the ground up build for users Enercomp's Quadcoptor emphasizes expandability and customization to make sure it can stand up to all challenges thrown its way, while still being the reliable Quadcoptor drone that pilots know and love.

It is available in Carbon Fibre variant.

The body contains an interior support structure which provides superior strength and durability while optimizing the weight.

Body shape optimized for high aerodynamic efficiency.

The electronics are mounted on a modular structure that is removable for ease of maintenance.

Batteries are housed internally to safeguard from environmental influence.

High efficiency motor and propeller combination to provide peak performance and endurance 30min compared to other drones in the same category.

Payload capacity : 800g.

Camera enabled 24mp, Sensor type CMOS.

PPk enabled Survey Grade.

Durable and removable landing gear which aids in better volume utilization during transport.


UAS Type - Multi rotor.
Mission - Surveying and Mapping.
Maximum Takeoff weight (MTOW) - 5KG
Wheel Base: 700mm
Body Weight: 500g
Height from ground to bottom body base: 140mm
Height from ground to top (excluding antenna): 260mm

Recommended ( Not Included ):
Radio System: Skydroid T12
Flight controller
Propeller size: 16x5.4” propeller 2 pairs CW/CCW
Motor: 400KV U5 brushless motor
Battery specs: 22.2V 16800mAh (6S2P x 2)
Brushless ESC: BL Heli 32 60A