The Raptor, equipped with an OCTA + OCTA Configuration of high performance waterproof motors, is designed for both agricultural and logistics purposes. In the agricultural category it efficiently carries 45 litters of liquid payload while for logistic application it handles miscellenous loads up to 45 kilograms. This heavy lift drone has a unique quick connect and disconnect assembly method for the motor arms. The coaxial configuration of the drone helps it to keep it stable even in the case of a motor failure. 

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Octacopter RAPTOR

It is a multi-purpose product designed for agricultural and logistics applications.

1. It can carry up to 45 liters of pesticides and fertilizers for precise

distribution in agriculture.

2. It has a logistics load capacity of upto 45 kilograms

Technical Specification

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Up to Extendable 4km Operational Range

Up to 145kg take-off weight

Up to 30min Endurance

10m/s Typical Cruise Speed




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