Wind Turbines & UAV

Wind Turbines & UAV


Energy site are being changed by drones because drones are profoundly affecting the energy division. Giving electrical lines, power distribution network, windmills and related necessities over dispersed grids requires advanced review and upkeep schedules for most extreme up time , open well being  and safeguarding of costly resources. Drones significantly speed assessment schedules at drastically bring down expenses.  

Wind Turbines /mills

So far survey of the wind farms or inspections of giant rotor blades of turbine are concerned, drones or UAVs are becoming the most efficient and affordable tool, these days. Being cost effective, quicker and faster, drones are gradually carving their niche in the wind energy sector and replacing the conventional approach of ground based inspections of these turbines.


To maintain the consistent performance of the wind turbines, regular inspection and maintenance of the rotor blades is utmost necessary. Apart from being costly and time taking, conventional methods of inspecting rotor blades using ropes or hydraulically elevated platforms are very challenging as they need greater standards of safety too. Drones equipped with appropriate cameras if deployed, can inspect and scan all rotor blades from all directions with at lot more accuracy, speed and economy.  

Benefits of Drones in Wind Mills Inspection 

  • Improve inspection and detection

  • Capture defects more accurately

  • Improve worker safety

  • Identify and reduce right of way (ROW) encroachment

  • Increase inspection speed and frequency

  • Monitor changes with automatic flight routines

  • Integrate with asset management systems

Why we?

  • We provide the best quality images at the cm/pixel resolution 

  • Our data analysis helps utilities to ascertain the existing assets and manage them accordingly

  • Our service team can capture data faster compared to manual methods 

  • We deliver results very fast with required analysis report and documents 


  • Raw Images of the entire plant 

  • HD Images and Video Documentation of whole windmill 

  • Reports in the readable format with images indicating individual defects