Utilization of Drone Technology for Roads & Utility Survey

Asset Management for Roads & Utilities

Roads & Utilities

A patch of land is considered urban when each brick of its infrastructure stands right in its place and out of all, the key brick which holds all of them together are roads.

"Roads are basically the infrastructure upon which almost all other infrastructure depends. And to take infrastructure-related decisions and actions, the importance of accurate and structured data cannot be ignored or compromised."

Why Enercomp?

Enercomp Solutions Pvt Ltd with its skilled task force and efficient data providing service encourages development on a large scale. It is not just a platform for consultancy, data acquisition & processing for industries ranging from land survey & mapping, power transmission & distribution lines, roads & railways, construction engineering, industrial inspections, slum mapping but is also an amalgamation of converting captured on field details on to computer screens, giving power and access to the clients to look forward to potential development.

A recent project of the ‘Roads & Utility survey’ on 188 Km long Express highway in Andhra Pradesh proved to be of great help for the development of tomorrow. The expected work in this project was achieved faster than the traditional methods with the help of drones used for surveying which went on for 6 days on-site and took a total of 3 weeks to be completed. With meeting the requirements of the project such as data on Main Carriage Way, Median Plantation, Median Opening Details, Junction Details, Stone Pitching, Drainages, Sign Boards, Light Poles, Urban Sections, Enercomp accomplished high-quality survey by working on chainage of 10 meters for this project. Moreover, with an on-site survey of 6 days, challenges such as keeping an eye on the drone, replacing its battery once in a while were overcome with the help of skilled operatives. The challenges weren’t any less on the other side of the on-site surveying but were certainly overcome with the familiar multi-software environment of Enercomp Solutions. All the required utilities were digitized in different software and the multidimensions of the data were further converted to streamlined chainage using different automated geospatial tools and unique methodology.

The solution is data...

With an intention towards a greater hereafter, Enercomp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. gave in against all the challenges for the Roads and Utility survey of the 188Km long Express Highway.

"All the significant insights from the survey contributed brick by brick in the potential development of a better tomorrow."




Data Insights - Median Plantation

Median Plantation:

This is a simple representation of the linear median plantation data. The X-axis represents chainage at every 10m & Y-axis represents

the number of plants per 10m. The below graph represents the 9km data for median plantation.

Data Insights - Main Carriage Way (MCW) Width

MCW Width:

This graph represents the width of the Main Carriage Way for LHS & RHS respectively. The X-axis represents the Chainage @ 10m

& Y-axis represents the width of MCW. Blueline represents the LHS & Red represents RHS.

Data Insights - Service Roads

Service Road:

This graph represents the provision of the service road in the 9Km stretch. The X-axis represents the Chainage @ 10m & Y-axis

represents the width of Service Road. This also represents the service road provided at the given chainage. Blueline represents

the LHS & Red represents RHS.

Linear Data Outputs